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Volume 8 Number 1, January - June 2021
Understanding Information Operations and Economic Impacts in the Digital Era

Varin Pulpol, Tanpat Kraiwanit, and Narong Petprasert

This research aimed to investigate whether demographic factors and the knowledge and understanding of information operations (IOs) affect the attitudes of Thai people towards economic impacts. Data were collected from 602 Thai Internet users, aged 18 years or over, via an online survey. Then, the data were analysed through ordered logistic regression to test the hypotheses. The dependent variables consist of three directions: positive attitude, uncertain attitude, and negative attitude. The set of independent variables includes gender, education level, occupation, average monthly income, average monthly savings and social media tools. The value of the knowledge and understanding of information operations is a covariate variable in this study. The analysis shows that the respondents’ education level is the only factor that has significance for their attitude towards economic impacts. The paper suggests that the knowledge and understanding of IOs can help society to recognize better the need to scrutinize news and whether news should be trusted. Meanwhile, education levels contribute to the understanding of IOs and predictions of economic impacts; therefore, the competent authorities should widely the information operations disseminate at all levels of education to create a better society, eliminate distorted news and contribute to economic growth.

Keywords: Knowledge and understanding of information operations, IOs, Attitude towards economic impacts, Ordered logistic regression, Digital era

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DOI: 10.14456/rjsh.2021.3