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Volume 7 Number 2, July - December 2020
Technology and Election Administration in Nigeria

Ariyo Andrew Tobi

In this study, election administration in Nigeria between 2015 and 2019 was analyzed with the view to ascertaining the extent to which the deployment of technology enhances the credibility of the electoral process. The study employed secondary data obtained from textbooks, journals, and newspapers and adopted the instrumentalism theory of technology as a framework of the analysis. The findings showed that the appalling and fraudulent electoral process that is characterized by rigging led to the deployment of technology in election administration in Nigeria. The use of technological devices such as permanent voterscards and smartcard readers has spawned contradictory ramifications for the electoral process. On the other hand, the deployment of technological devices in the registration and accreditation of voters is seen to have made the electoral process more transparent and credible. However, the utility of these technological devices is being vitiated by poor handling and inadequacy of internet facilities. Besides, there are some fraudulent practices such as vote-buying, underage voting, and lack of internal democracy that are undermining the credibility of the electoral process. The study concluded that the adoption of technology has, to a large extent, transformed the election administration in Nigeria, though there are still challenges and impediments to be surmounted. The study recommended that electoral officers should be adequately trained on how to handle the technological devices and that functional internet facilities should be put in place for the optimal performance of technological devices. It further recommended that efforts should be made to reform modalities for the conduct of party primaries as well as regulate prohibitive nomination fees for political office aspirants. Finally, it suggested that stiff penalties for underage voting and vote-buying among others should be institutionalized.

Keywords: Credible elections, democracy, election administration, permanent voter’s card, Smart card readers, technology

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DOI: 10.14456/rjsh.2020.12