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Rangsit Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities

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Editor's Note


Recently, Thailand celebrates the crowning of its King Rama X. After coronation ceremonies that held in such complete traditions and customs, HM King Maha Vajiralongkorn pledges ‘to reign with righteousness for the benefit of the people’. The Thais would not want to miss this historic occasion as enormous crowds wearing yellow shirts outside the Grand Palace to show respect and loyalty to the King. People of Thais last witnessed this centuries-old royal tradition on 5th May of 1950, during the coronation of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

In conjunction with the coronation of the latest King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun, making the latter the 10th King of the Chakri Dynasty, this journal seeks to invite the audience to delve in several topics out there that related to everyone daily dealing. This journal is already passed its maturity phase where we already endure five (5) years of tussles in this writing industry and we also would like to uphold the King speech, for us to become the source of benefit to people out there. Therefore, one of the topics in this journal is about education as it may bring benefit to those who possesed it. As per the Latin saying, Sapientia est potentia which means knowledge is power.

Let us go through all the six (6) articles that will provide fruitful discussion and information to the readers out there. The first paper tells us about the quest for Chinese International Relations (IR) Theory. Preechaya Kittipaisalsilpa will bring us such puzzling fact that so far, there is still no Chinese IR theory emerging from Chinese IR community. The paper also try to define and explore how knowledge has been conceived in mainstream IR theory.

The second paper will equip us with such critical knowledge from abroad. Adiasri Putri perceived that our neighbour in Indonesia is having the problem of economic nationalism discourse. This is based on the technology-driven structural change and national Science Technology and Innovation (STI) policy in the country. The move made by the government in STI can provide a big push fo national technological change, even though that a policy might be a political tools made by policymakers to driven for change. More interesting details are awaiting for the audiences to read.

Flying to the African continent, corruption is like a disease, yet it is contagious. Thus, eliminating it is a must to sustain the wealth of a country. Hence, that is why Habeeb Abdulrauf comes up with a study to explore corruption among the executive police officers in the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) and the effects on the welfare of operational police officers and police activities in Ilorin Emirate of Kwara state, Nigeria. The result of the study is stimulating a rather huge blow to the society, since it contribute to the poor welfare of the rank officers and the insufficient police-related facilities in the Kwara state.

The fourth paper by Jamie Wallin proves to be instrumental for English language learners. The article describes approaches that teachers may find useful in teaching adolescent second language learners. It is widely discussed that youth is a special group due to development challenges such as physical, emotional and behavioural changes. Several academic publications were reviewed by the author, such as specialised journals  and publishers of educational learning materials. This paper later concludes that by observing that adolescents whose first language is not English, and who complete their secondary school education without attaining at least minimum skills in English, will be seriously disadvantaged, not only in their personal lives, but in future career opportunities.

It is important to know about students response to the way how they are taught by teacher. Thus, Arlan Parreño focus on this matter, though that there is a doubt about the reliability and fairness of this evaluation method. In this paper, many factors are deemed to influence student ratings towards their teachers performance, as grading is usually an objective evaluation that may impact the teachers promotions or salary increment. As a consequence, teachers may change their teaching methods so that they could obtain such favorable rating to boost their career paths and getting better pay.

Last but not least, Loeurt To presents us the study of exploring how primary schools in the remote area in Cambodia mobilized communities for school development, and the leadership roles of school administrators and School Support Committee leaders in mobilizing community participation. The study implements qualitative research method and later implies that further research on community participation in children learning and power dynamic of school administrators and school support committee leaders in community mobilization.

The papers need to be read with full focus and concentration yet it demands a good understanding by the audiences out there as they are produced with extra care and due diligence by the authors. Therefore, no page shall be skipped or being ignored by the reader out there. By being meticulous and giving ample level of concentration, then only we could gather a lot of information and knowledge, with this kind of in-depth reading.

In a nutshell, that is why journals such as RJSH exists: to create a bridge for knowledge-seekers (learners) with producers of knowledge (researchers). As the editorial team, we perceive this as our job: sharing new knowledge, including alternative ways of understanding the complex issues that happen in our daily life as well as on our societies in general.

We welcome your comments and, of course, your manuscripts. Links to our manuscript submission site can be found at RJSH Online Submission and Review System: https://rjsh.rsu.ac.th. We look forward to hearing from you.



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