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Journal of Contemporary Social Sciences and Humanities

ISSN 2985-0541 (Print)

ISSN 2985-055X (Online)

Sexual Assault Victimization Survey in Thailand



Approximately 35 percent of women around the world have experienced physical, sexual or psychological violence by their partner or non-partner in their lifetime. To eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls, the United Nations request each country to report the number of victims on violence against women. This research data is collected throughout Thailand. Around 4,400 households were collected. Approximately 14,510 survey respondents reported that there are no women and girls in Thailand who faced physical, sexual and psychological violence by their partner or non-partner in the past 12 months. However, there are only two cases who reported on threats of sexual assault. These two cases also did not report to police as they still did not get hurt or raped. Moreover, it cannot deny that gender norms which women have been taught that they should not talk about sex, still exists in Thailand. Therefore, survey respondents may not feel confident and comfortable to answer questions very frankly about violence against women.

Keywords: sexual violence, violence against women, sexual assault victims, gender norm in Thailand, sustainable development goals

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