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Rangsit Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities

ISSN 2286-976X (Print)

ISSN 2539-5513 (Online)

The Study of Applying Electronic Monitoring as Alternative Measures to Imprisonment in Solving Prison Overcrowding Problem



This study aims to investigate the ways to drive electronic monitoring (EM) an intermediate punishment, which is the international practice applied with some types of offenders to alternate imprisonment. This is an additional alternative for the justice administration to solve prison overcrowding problem and benefits to the appropriate and constructive rehabilitation. Approximately 17 participants who were administrators of the Ministry of Justice and personnel from the government agencies involved and other 24 participants who were inmates and offenders were interviewed for using EM. This study recommends that applying EM as a model of intermediate punishments as being internationally practiced could optimize imprisonment sentenced on some types of offenders. Using EM should also help to solve prison overcrowding problem and reduces the government budget. It also allows offenders an opportunity of self-rehabilitation and returns to spend life happily with their families and societies.

Keywords: intermediate punishment, electronic monitoring, prison overcrowding problem, justice administration

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