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Rangsit Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities

ISSN 2286-976X (Print)

ISSN 2539-5513 (Online)

Elements that Influence Celebrity Image Building in the Entertainment Sector of Thailand



This study deals with elements of building the image of celebrities working in the entertainment sector of Thailand. The research was done through employing both qualitative and survey-based/quantitative data accumulation using: 1) In-depth interviews with celebrities, persons related to celebrities, and academics; 2) Group interviews with celebrities’ fan clubs; and 3) Opinion surveys of a sample of Thai citizens. When analyzing the data collected, it can be established that factors that have the greatest impact on the image-creation and reputation of celebrities in the entertainment industry of Thailand are related to: sales channels, communication and marketing, operations, and character/personality. Secondary factors include: artist management staff, pricing, activities for society, and management executives. Finally, additional factors are: remuneration, fan base, and artistic work.

Keywords: celebrity image, image building, entertainment sector

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