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Manuscript Submission :
Manuscripts should be submitted electronically as an attachment via the RJSH submission system, in word processing format. The RJSH submission form must be completed. Included in the submission form are: (a) the title and authors, (b) complete contact information for the corresponding author (mailing address, e-mail address, and telephone and fax numbers), (c) confirmation of the originality of the reported work, (d) approval of the submitted version of the manuscript by all authors, and (e) the authors’ consent for publication in RJSH, if accepted. The submission form is available at

Manuscript Revision and Re-submission :
There are four editorial decisions: Accept, Accept with Minor Revision, Resubmit with Major Revision, and Reject. A Reject decision is definitive and authors may not submit a new version of the manuscript to the RJSH. A Resubmit with Major Revision requires a major re-write of the manuscript and/or inclusion of significant new data, and thus the creation of a new manuscript, which will thus be assigned a new submission date. An Accept with Minor Revision decision implies that the paper can, in principle, attain the required standard of the Journal without major change. Editors may or may not have a revised manuscript reviewed (generally, by the original reviewers), in order to ascertain whether changes to the original manuscript adequately responded to the criticisms. If changes made do not result in a paper of the required standard, the revised manuscript will be definitively rejected. If a revised manuscript of “Accept with Minor Revision” is accepted, the original submission date will be retained.

Copyright Agreement :
Once a manuscript is accepted for publication, authors will be required to sign a Copyright Transfer Agreement form (CTA). CTA is available at Signature of the CTA is a condition of publication and papers will not be passed for production unless a signed form has been received. Please note that signature of the Copyright Transfer Agreement does not affect ownership of copyright in the material. Please submit the completed form with the final version of the manuscript back to the Editor-in-chief.

Manuscript Preparation Please see Appendix B Download

This section porvides on typesetting and layout requirements pertaining to manuscript submission to the Rangsit Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Please follow this instructions:

1. Submit the article in word form according to the Manuscript Preparation (Appendix C) Download
2. Submit the manuscript submission form (Appendix D) Download 
3. Submit the Copyright Transfer Agreement (CTA)(Appendix E) Download

The three submissions should be submitted to the RJSH submission system.