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Review Process: 
RJSH assumes responsibility for insuring that submitted manuscripts receive expert and unbiased reviews. RJSH strives to complete a peer review of all submitted papers and the publication of accepted manuscripts in a timely manner and to keep the authors informed of any problems with their manuscript. The process covers best practices for publication as details:
1) All first submitted manuscripts are initially evaluated by the Editor-in-Chief in consultation with members of the Editorial Board. Editor team has their right to make the decision for rejection if there is(are) some misconducing concept of the manuscript, or giving some suggestions for the author(s). 
2) The peer review process.
2.1) Start from volume 1 No 1 - volume 8 number 1, the published papers was evaluated with the double blind review and one another for final decision if there are the inconsistency between them. 
2.2) Start from volume 8 No 2, the published papers wll be evaluated with the three blind peer-reviewers. The majority of three reviewers make the final decision. 

3) The reviewers’ evaluations will be used by the editors to decide whether the paper should be accepted, revised or rejected. A copy of the referees’ comments will be sent to the corresponding author whose paper needs revision. All reviewers serve anonymously and their identities are protected by the confidentiality policy of RJSH.
4) The revised manuscript (with respect to the reviewers' comment) will be approved by editor's team. The authors must response to all comments unless there is(are) the suitable explanation and supported reason.
5)  The manuscript will be subjected to the format checking, the correspondance between in-text citaion and references. All references (APA format) must be found as cited (Author's family name, Publication year) in the content. 
6)  English grammar is taken into a necessary part before exporting to the camera-ready copy and, then, delivered to the coresponding author for final checking. No permission for any changes in this step except some important missing.
7) CTA must be signed by all author(s) or the correspondings author and uploaded into the author's account. 
8)  Online publication can be downloaded and shared in public.