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Aims and Scope
Rangsit Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (RJSH) is a multidisciplinary international scholarly journal that aims to provide a high profile vehicle for publication of various new issues in different academic areas in Humanities and Social Sciences. RJSH invites scholars, researchers, professionals and academicians to publish their manuscripts in the journal. The scope of the Journal encompasses, the author(s) can submit their manuscript covering, but not limited to Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, any of the following areas:

Social Science  Humanities
Criminal Justice History
Economics Language
Social Innovation  Arts & Design
Political Science  International Relations

Submission Deadline
Submissions are to be permanently open. A manuscript submitted between July 1st and December 31st will be considered for publication in the January-June Issue of the subsequent year whereas a manuscript submitted between January 1st and June 30th will be considered for publication in the July-December Issue.

Categories of Articles
The Journal accepts the following types of articles:

  1. Research Articles:  A research article is a regular quantitative or qualitative article which aims to present new findings or interpretations. 
  2. Review Articles: review article or survey articles also called a literature review, is an article that survey of previously published research on a topic an summarizes the current state of understanding on a topic. It should give an overview of current thinking on the theme and, unlike an original research article, won’t present new experimental results. By analyzing a large body of data from existing studies, some systematic reviews can come to new conclusions. Review articles can also provide recommendations for potential research areas to explore next. Moreover, a review article surveys and summarizes previously published studies, rather than reporting new facts or analysis.
  3. Innovations:  An innovation is an article that aims to present creative arts and designs, procedures or devices.

Research articles, review articles, and innovations should not exceed 15 pages of standard A4 paper using RJSH format. Template for research articles is available at All categories of articles must coincide with manuscript preparation instruction (see Manuscript Preparation Section).

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