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Rangsit Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities

ISSN 2286-976X (Print)

ISSN 2539-5513 (Online)

Call For Papers 

You are invited to publish your original research work in RANGSIT JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES (RJSH)
Current issue: Volume 8, Number 2, (July-December 2021)
Next issue: Volume 9, Number 1, (January-MJune 2022)

Publication fee

- up to October 31, 2021         Free

From November 1, 2021         Total 6,000 Baht (First submit = 4,500 Baht (No refund) and 1,500 Baht after acceptance letter is delivered)



Activities in the process


Submission process


Preliminary review (Editor team)        

Free Format correction, suggestion for completion of contents
(No payment if the manuscript is rejected in this process)

Review process (Three reviewers : blind review process)

4,500 Baht

Review process after the payment (No refund if the manuscript is rejected)

Notify the evaluauion results   Notification is clasified as;
1) Completelt accept 2) Accepted with minor revision 3) Major revision with re-evaluation 4) Rejected

Major revision = Not accept yet,

reviewers require improvement of the content and/or formats

Revise the manuscript by authors     For the manuscript with 2) Accepted with minor revision 3) Major revision with re-evaluation Re-evaluation result can be
(a) Rejected (b) Minor revision (c) accepted

Email asking for additional payment (If accepted or Minor revision)

1,500 Baht The acceptance letter is delivered after complete payment only  

Complete the format, Figures, Tables, etc.

  The authors may be asked for redrawing pictures or correct the references’ format etc  

CTA must be uploaded


Upload online 

  The author can be shared for increase the view rate of your paper.  CTA must be uploaded before publication

Download Research Article Template, Submission Form, and Copyright Transfer Agreement (CTA) from Submission Guideline Click


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