Volume 1
Number 1
January-June 2014

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Research Articles

Development in the Time of AEC as the World Turns East
Authors : Anek Laothamatas
keywords : AEC
Remaining Religion in England
Authors : Tony Glendinning and Steve Bruce
keywords : Religious activity, church attendance, diary and interview-based surveys, England
A System Dynamics Approach to Evaluate Incentive-based Policies, Human Resource Motivation and Performance of Public Sector Organizations
Authors : Federico Cosenz and Carmine Bianchi
keywords : Productivity, Motivation, Human Resources, Public Sector Organizations, Performance Management, System Dynamics
Police Reform Perspectives
Authors : Krisanaphong Poothakool
keywords : policing, police reform, political interference, police misconduct, Royal Thai Police
Building a State’s Global Competitive Advantage by Improving Its Finances: A System Dynamic Model Tailored for the Italian State
Authors : Pietro Sorci
keywords : performance management, delocalization, sustainability, financial strategy, Italy, System dynamics
Growth Opportunity between China and Thailand in the Processed Food Sector
Authors : Prayoon Tosanguan
keywords : Growth opportunity between China and Thailand, Processed Food Sector
Urban Crime in Western and Eastern Societies (Chicago, London and Bangkok)
Authors : Jomdet Trimek
keywords : Crime, Criminal, Criminology, Sociology, Western Societies, Eastern Societies, Chicago, London, Bangkok
Chinese IHmages as Perceived by Neighbouring Countries – a Benign but Assertive hegemon: Survey-research of Online-newspapers in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam
Authors : Wararak Chalermpuntusak
keywords : image/perception, China, CLMV countries, Constructivism, International Political Economy, Hegemony

“The World Turning EAST”

Rangsit Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (RJSH) 2014 globally welcomes all research scholars from different domains in its realm of Social Sciences and Humanities. The theme of the first journal is ‘The World Turning East’ where the gravity of economic development is shifting from the West to the East. The Journal aims to promote and support educators, practitioners and students to develop their research skills, and enhance their knowledge and understanding as now major challenges facing the social, economic, politics and culture calls for a need of academia.

It is with much joy and anticipation we celebrated the launch of Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (RJSH) with this inaugural issue I in January 2014. On behalf of the RJSH Editorial Team, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the readership of RJSH. I take this opportunity to thank our authors, editors and anonymous reviewers, all of whom have volunteered to contribute to the success of the Journal.

I would like to place on record my appreciation to the authors from the Editorial Board who have contributed to this inaugural edition and thank them for their support and trust in our publication. Your timely contribution and cutting edge research findings are imperative to our success.

Finally, I would like to encourage all academics and practitioners to push the frontiers of knowledge and disseminate research finds into this Journal. Authors, reviewers and guest editors are always welcome. Welcome is always extended to all comments and suggestions that improve the quality of the Journal. Please enjoy this journal and we all are looking forward to the next issue of RJSH with the new theme ‘Innovation Creativity’.

Thank you. We hope you will find RJSH informative. Enjoy.


Anek Laothamatas